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Important New Guidance for Referees using the District IV WebsitePrintable

Important New Guidance for Referees using the District IV Website

As many of you may have heard, the State of Washington has modified State Law to allow for the payment of Soccer Referees under the age of 14. This change also has clarified that L&I must also be paid for all such employees – no matter what their age.

Commencing this fall season, District IV will be paying any soccer officials who are assigned to matches via the District IV Website. This does not include Kitsap Peninsula Soccer Referee Association (KPSRA) Officials who are assigned to matches (U11 and above) via the KPSRA website. Similarly, KPSRA will also need to be collecting information for the officials it will be paying, but will be doing so via their website (www.kpsra.org).->

To enable the district to pay any soccer referees being assigned to matches via the District IV Website, some new documentation requirements mandated by the state of Washington have now been implemented on the District IV Website. These requirements are identified and instructions for how to acquire and submit them can be found on the District IV Website under a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) entitled “Paperwork”. This FAQ can be found under each of the following segments on the website:

  • Information:
  • Member:
  • Referee:
  • Coach:

This FAQ (Paperwork) can also be found by clicking on this link: Paperwork

In addition to these new requirements, a new feature for Referee on the site has been developed to help show the applicable requirements and their status for the applicable member. This new status feature can be found under Referee: Status.

At the present time, to be able to Self Assign to any match listed on the District IV website, the member must have a valid WSYSA RM Clearance and also a Ranking sufficient to assign to the specific age level match. The new additional requirements (Proof of Age, Parent/School Authorization, W9 and SSN in the member’s profile) will become a mandatory requirement no later than 10 September. So, please commence gathering and submitting the applicable documentation as soon as possible as specified in this specific FAQ.

If you have any questions on the information above or are experiencing any difficulty in the submission of any of the above documentation, please contact the District IV Administrator (Don Stephenson) at administrator@d4soccer.org.