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District IV Administrator Set to Retire!Printable

District IV Administrator Set to Retire!

As you may or may not know, the District IV Administrator will be retiring on 12/31/2012. Because of this, District IV and NSYSA have made plans for this change and have agreed that NSYSA will be assuming several of the Administrators previous responsibilities. Specifically, they will assume the responsibility of webmaster and scheduler. While plans are in progress for the eventual hiring of a scheduler by NSYSA, two NSYSA volunteers will be assuming these functions in the interim as follows:

  • New Webmaster:
    Kurt Pendt (NSYSA Secretary) will be assuming the function of webmaster on a volunteer basis. Kurt has been under training for the past several weeks and has already assumed several of the webmaster functions (processing new access requests, posting of minutes, sending out messages via the sites subscription lists, etc.).
  • New Scheduler:
    Louie Bond (NSYSA President) will be assuming the function of interim scheduler on a volunteer basis. Louie is currently in a training status and will be ready to assume the scheduling functions in the very near future.
  • Plan of Transition:
    The current plan calls for transition of these two functions (webmaster, scheduler) to be turned over to the new volunteers commencing Monday, 12/17/2013. Commencing that date through the end of the year, the current District IV Administrator will remain in place solely in an advisory capacity to these two volunteers and the District. He will no longer be taking any direct calls from the membership or answering voice or e-mail messages during this time frame.

    Communication links for these two positions (webmaster, scheduler) will be as follows:

    - Webmaster - webmaster@d4soccer.org

    - Scheduler - nsysa.scheduler@d4soccer.org

    As these positions are now being filled by volunteers, it is important that members follow the appropriate chain of communication via their member club prior to making contact with these two individuals.

    1. All problems, questions should be resolved at the lowest level possible.

    2. Should the club not be able to answer a question, the club will then make the appropriate contact at the Association level for assistance.

    More guidance will be issued in the near future regarding any refinements to these initial procedures.

    Again, the first point of contact by a member should go to their club.

  • Communications with District IV:
    The District IV Phone # (360) 698-4413 will be re-located to the home of the District IV Commissioner commencing 12/17/2013.

    Be aware that the District IV Commissioner is also a volunteer and typically will not be available to answer the phone during normal working hours. Therefore messages left at this number will normally be returned after normal working hours and/or on weekends. In most cases, he will be referring questions, concerns, etc. to the appropriate entity at the Club/Association Level.

    E-mail communications sent to administrator@d4soccer.org will be routed to the District IV Commissioner commencing 12/17/13.