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Default Criteria has been established!

To include a result for a NSYSATerm Match in the Standings, the assigned Referee or at least one of the Coaches must report the resulting score.

Standings Criteria
Date(s) - Authority
Level Season
Division Gender
Action reset Printable

The following NSYSA Divisions have Standings currently available. Display the desired bracket by choosing the desired criteria from the pulldowns and clicking Show. OR, click the # in the first column for the Detailed Match Results or the Summary Symbol (Sum) for the summarized and ordered standings:

25 NSYSA G U12 Recreational Cup Recreational Cup 3 Sum
26 NSYSA G U13 Div 2 Fall 1 Sum
27 NSYSA G U13 Recreational Cup Recreational Cup 2 Sum
28 NSYSA G U14 Div 2 Fall 30 Sum
29 NSYSA G U14 Div 3 Fall 45 Sum
30 NSYSA G U14 Recreational Cup Recreational Cup 1 Sum
31 NSYSA G U15 Recreational Cup 1 Sum
32 NSYSA G U15 Div 2 Fall 35 Sum
33 NSYSA G U15 Recreational Cup Recreational Cup 3 Sum
34 NSYSA G U19 Div 2 Fall 35 Sum
leftendleft1 Displayed 25 to 34 of 34